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A 10-minute chat is all that is needed to nail down the details and set your session in motion.

The Professional Photographer Difference


There's no need to fret over how to plan your perfect session. If you're unsure what is needed to meet your expectations, we can chat to get you where you need to be. Learn more about my session packages or find out the three questions to decide your headshot style.


"What's the best top to wear?"
"What do I do with my hands?"
"What is the meaning of life?"

Good news—you're not alone in this! Before your session, I invite you to read through my headshot preparation guide and reach out to me if you have any questions. During your session, I'll help guide your posing for the best outcome. As for the meaning of life, I'm pretty sure it involves donuts.


Of course, the ultimate result of your headshot session is a retouched, professional headshot. I'll help guide you through picking your favorite image to be edited. This quick, 15-minute Zoom call removes the pressure of combing through 50 photos of yourself to find the perfect one. You'll then receive your subtly retouched headshot within 48 hours.

Headshot of Matthew Basile with a dark background.

Don't worry; I've got this.

Don't worry;

I've got you.

I've been shooting for two decades and love the unique experience that each client brings to me. I am honored to craft a professional headshot that will become your personal brand logo or social media identity and take the task seriously.

It is understandable to be a bit nervous or apprehensive about having your picture taken. I've honed my posing, shooting, and image selection processes to be relatively painless — and even a bit fun!

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Session Pricing & Packages


Single Session

  • 30-Minute Session
  • One Wardrobe/Look
  • One Final, Retouched Image


Triple Session

  • One-hour Session
  • Three Wardrobe/Looks
  • Three Final, Retouched Images


Update Session

  • 30-Minute Session
  • One Wardrobe/Look
  • One Final, Retouched Image
  • Up to One Year from Your Original Session

Looking for something else? Contact me and let's see what we can put together to meet your needs.


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